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Welcome to our website, we're glad you stopped by. We were introduced to Shaklee products by our daughter and son-in-law in 2000, and we are forever grateful. The products made a world of difference in our health, but the business has made a world of difference in our lifestyle!

Before we share about these wonderful products, We must say that we are even more excited about the best Shaklee product..."THE SHAKLEE OPPORTUNITY!" We are looking for sharp entrepreneurs who like helping others and want to live the life style that an average JOB cannot offer! If that is you, click on the contact me and let's get started! Mr. Roger Barnett, our new Billionaire owner, is leading us into the position of the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the World! THESE ARE EXCITING DAYS IN THE HEALTH & WELLNESS INDUSTRY AND EXCITING DAYS IN SHAKLEE AS WELL!

We are extremely excited about a few particular Shaklee's products. First, NutriFeron, developed by the Immunologist who discovered Natural Interferon. Dr. Yashuhiko Kojima. After an exhaustive 40 year review of thousands of compounds and 200 herbs, Dr. Kojima isolated four compounds that induced key immune cell production. This critical combination increased the body's natural production of interferon! This is a scientific breakthrough, andpatented formula called NutriFeron and it is not in stores. It is ONLY available through Shaklee globally! A powerfully effective supplement, it has exceeded astringest sets of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and clinical tests for performance.

Perhaps you haven't prepared for impending invaders. Shaklee has. Just two caplets of NutriFeron every day can strengthen your immune system. NutriFeron will help you build and keep a powerful immune system shield so you can fend off attackers by increasing your own interferon to help you better respond to environmental threats and health challenges.

The second product is Shaklee 180. Shaklee 180 is a scientifically proven inch loss program. The unique ingredient, luceine, an amino acid, is what helps you to lose fat and keep muscle mass, therefore losing inches! This is extremely important when participating in a weight loss program.

SHAKLEE offers a 100% money back guarantee and has for the past 50 years. Shaklee is the only supplement company that has more than 100 documented, double-blind, peer reviewed studies in medical journals. Is SHAKLEE a company of integrity? Is SHAKLEE a company you can trust? You bet it is!

Thank you for visiting our website. Please click on the "contact me" icon with any questions about these wonderful products or any other Shaklee product including our awesome Income Opportunity. We look forward to helping you reach your dreams and not the dreams of an employer.


Rich & BJ Geyer